AKC Dog Breeds

red82 is proud to introduce AKC Dogs, now with the complete breed standards of the American Kennel Club. Use AKC Dogs to browse the official breed standards of the American Kennel Club, our ever-expanding collection of AKC approved photographs, fun facts and history of all breeds recognized by the American Kennel Club.

With AKC Dog Breeds you can:

* Browse or Search our entire breed registry
* Filter by breed group
* Look at high quality photos of each and every breed
* Read and study the official breed standards
* Bookmark your favorite breeds
* Share breeds with your friends on Facebook

Using AKC Dog Breeds is easy:

* Tap the “Groups” button to filter the breed list by Group
* Tap the magnifying glass to search
* Tap “View All” to view all breeds
* Tap “Favorites” to view favorite breeds
* Tap a breed to view breed details
* Tap the heart to favorite the breed you’re currently looking at
* The back arrow brings you back to the breed list
* The up and down arrows take you to the previous or next breed
* The paw icon lets you learn about the breed
* The photo icon shows you breed photos
* The ribbon icon displays the official breed standards
* The share icon lets you share the breed via email or Facebook

AKC Dog Breeds