Hello! USA – v1.0

Hello! Destination Management is Orlando based company which offers destination and entertainment packages. Historically their sales team would go on-site for customer meetings carrying a collection of presentation materials. As their business expanded, it became more and more difficult to keep their sales team up to date, and the amount of materials they had to carry around became cumbersome.

To solve this problem, the created a two-part solution. A cloud based CMS, into which their staff could load their sales material, coupled with a custom iPad application that would keep itself synchronized with the CMS, and would be used to perform on-site presentations.

The objective was to create an easy to use sales tool that would allow their sales team to focus on selling.

I built this app based on designs provided by the design wizards at Push, who also implemented the CMS that the app would connect to in order to download content.

Below are a few of the product screenshots.

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