AKC Dogs available on iTunes


red82 is excited to announce that AKC Dogs has been approved by the American Kennel Club, and is now available for download from iTunes.

AKC Dogs provides the user with the official breed standards of the American Kennel Club, photographs, profiles, history and fun facts for all AKC recognized breeds, as well as a user-editable list of favorites. The ease of use and depth of information will make AKC Dogs invaluable for pet lovers and professionals alike.

AKC Dogs showcases over one hundred years of history and tradition behind the American Kennel Club and the breeds that we all know and love as Man’s Best Friend, wrapped in a stunning user interface designed by Orlando advertising agency Wilkie-Birdsall.

red82 is founded on the principle that software should be fast, functional, and beautiful.

AKC Dogs, available on iTunes.

Download from iTunes

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