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A while back I had to decide between several cars and I was trying to figure out which one would save me the most money. When you’re comparing different cars, it’s not just about the monthly payment, you also have to factor in fuel efficiency, cost to insure, and so on.

One of the situations I ran into was that the car I was looking at was available in two configurations (VW gas vs. TDI), and the one with better gas mileage cost more (and used diesel, which is more expensive in my area). In my case it turned out that I didn’t drive enough per year to recoup the cost for the more efficient engine and the more expensive fuel.

It seemed to me that there should be an app to help people figure out this type of thing, but it turns out that there isn’t. (Or if there is, I couldn’t find it). I decided to make an iOS app to help other save money. It’s now in iTunes, and it’s called Felix the Fuel Cost Calculator.

The way Felix works is you enter how much you drive, and what fuel costs in your area. Then you start entering the cars that you are trying to decide between – entering monthly payment, fuel efficiency and insurance cost. If it’s a car you own that’s paid for, you can enter your average monthly maintenance. As you enter your cars, the program will calculate your monthly costs and allow you to see which car will save you the most money.

red82 is an iOS developer based in Orlando, FL. Our guiding principle is that software should be fast, functional and beautiful. And never crash.

There are two versions in iTunes, one 0.99 and the other is free with ads.

Download from iTunes

Felix Free
Download from iTunes

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